Teachings for the age ‘Waterman’ at the camping

Explanation of Mura:


In the cycle of the universe, a shift is accuring from the age of Piscean to the age of Aquarius. This is due to the movement of the axis of our earth relative to our sun *.

A cycle of the universe takes about 25,920 years. We have 12 periods spread throughout the 25,920 years. This means that 1 era reaches about 2,160 years by the sun. Just like our month cycle in which you are born in the sign of the sun.

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12 Zodiac signs


We have 12 zodiac signs in Western astrology, which we assume this as well. Oriental astrology has a different interpretation of time, yet the goal is the same everywhere. The goal for all people is to unite on our planet so everyone’s birthright can be expressed.

Bridging phase

The transition from one age to another has a bridging phase depending on the constellation that will become active. In the case of the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, this is about 85 years. Every religion has its origin in the connection with a creator, whether it is God, Buddha or Eternity etc. This shifts too.

Unity of Sun and Moon

The original power of our existence forms in the unity with our sun and our moon. In their joint action, they create ordered white fire. In unity with our earth, white fire is formed in order. Because of this source (white fire) and because of order we as humanity are able to form.


In the history of the Bible is the start of the Piscean age referred to the coming of Christ. The change of the age of Aries to Pisces took place then. In the bible, the Old and the New Testament as Old Testament Aryan age and the New Testament age of Pisces in which similarities but also major differences. Where the Old Testament tells about the guidance of God through the prophets and “important Fathers” you see in the New Testament the birth of one central Incarnation/human being of the Father, the Christ. Our era began around the birth of Christ, an important point in our incarnation/being Human.


As with your birth, each age has the moon as ascendant, this is the Virgin for the Piscean Age. This indicates why the Mother of Jesus is so important in the course of history and now.


The qualities of the Piscean Age are expressed in the lessons that Jesus has lived as human being. These lessons have become a guideline for people around the world.

The core/heart/key point of this era was “I and the Father are ONE.” It has been an expression of humankind, who may get to know and experience the ONENESS with the Father. This is still hard to understand in truth, so many people are searching for their worth in life.

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Aquarian age

The present age has other qualities, which we as humanity may come to understand now so we can and may give form to these qualities. The Lion is the ascendant of the Aquarian Age. This means, for now that other impulses come from the sun. The stars of Waterman appear one by one behind the sun. For us, it means that new impulses slowly descend on earth through the rays of the sun. This is how the formation to another era starts. These impulses precipitate the earth and at night the moon reflects them. This process affects matter deeper and deeper and humanity can direct the incoming pulses more and more. These pulses are materialised.

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This process in which new impulses come in and materialise, is the cause of the current confusion of whole humankind. The changing era asks for a changing shift in consciousness. This strikes resistance, fear, confusion, despair, boredom and hate on the way. Partly because humanity does not know what is going on in the whole. If we would understand more what is going on in ourselves, in cosmos, humanity and the earth as a whole, this might be a little easier.

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As mentioned, Aquarius appears behind the sun for 2160 years and the Lion reflects his presence through the moon. Practically, Aquarius implies impetus as Unity, Freedom, Equality, etc. If only Aquarius was responsible for the materialisation of these impulses, it could be much more chaotic, but because of the strongly ordered will and power of the reflective Lion, the Change is steadily going on.


Ultimately, it is the whole of humanity making choices in how to deal with the changing worldview and the changing experience. An individual choice within the whole is of the utmost importance.

Living Book

A path formed as an open book is adjacent to the campsite. The rolling countryside next to the meandering Berkel gives you beautiful views. Walking in the book is definitely a must. Again and again you have another experience when you move in the motion of life.

Along the path you find assignments, exercises, meditations and wisdom.

You can walk this path in your own way or with your partner, children and friends.

This book is still under development.

Why at the campsite?

It is easier to relax in a beautiful spatial environment and it is easier to experience more freedom and equality during a holiday. This helps to gain knowledge regarding the Aquarian era. The impulses of freedom and equality belong to this age and here you have the opportunity to learn to materialise them.

With the purpose to contribute this in your daily life.
Now is the ‘time’ for the lessons of the Aquarian Age.

NU is de ‘tijd’ voor de lessen van het Watermantijdperk.

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