The year 2018

This year has been our second camping season and for the villa’s it has been the first whole season. Our campsite is nicely cared for, the lines are clearly visible. It clearly is a campsite with a vision and architectural design.


The campsite

The past season has been warm and dry. At one point the grass was completely yellow and we were holding our breath on whether the grass would still recover. We could still water the new bushes but for the grass there was not enough water and after a while of drought no water could be sprayed. Everyone was looking for places of shade, but since most trees are planted not that long ago, you could not hide very well. The Berkel, located next to us, had and has the grateful task of cooling down again and again.

Fortunately, the grass recovered after a few days of rain. Unbelievable how green it suddenly became again. Since the campsite is still new, it is not yet possible to estimate how much influence the weather has on our guests. We are pleased with the guests who stayed on our special campsite.



There are a few guests who have participated in our activities. I hope next season more people would like to participate. The purpose of the campsite is to address people’s awareness and to talk about this, to be in silence during meditations, exercises, meetings and walks. If all goes well, artist Hannah will give painting workshops with her Vedic Art next season.
In short, we organize nice inspiring and insightful activities.



We have winterized the campsite and it is closed until April 2019. Our activities can be attended all year round.


Next season

People have found their way to our beautiful location. Next year the bushes, flowers and trees will be full again and we will have learned more. As a team, we do our best to offer you a clean, quiet and inspiring accommodation during your holiday.

We make everything ready before Easter, but as from April 1st you are welcome again.

Do you have questions about the campsite, the villas or do you want to make a booking, send a mail to with respect to Esther.

Do you have questions about or do you want to know more about our activities? Send a mail to with respect to Mura.

Hope to see you soon, Mura.