About the camping


This camping has a story; The way the terrain is created. The elements having a place. The teachings that are possible.
We want to offer people an opportunity to get acquainted with a profound way of life in which you learn the meaning of life.
We aim to give people a sense-full stay.
In March 2016 we bought this beautiful spot at the Berkel with the desire to realise a unique place. Not just for people who search peace and space that is abundantly present here. But certainly for people who want to make their holiday a learning experience.


A camping for people who choose a future. A all want future. Isn’t it? But what does it look like and what can you do? That’s what the camping expresses; Finding answers to these questions.

Because of the design and use of nature by means of the elements, the guests become aware of new possibilities. Through the activities and the Reflective/Learning path is everyone motivated to find a way into the future and towards the future.

We focus on the human ability to develop and to direct their own future, the future of children, grandchildren and ultimately the future of all mankind and our planet.

Exclusive terrain

The circular terrain is divided into three circles. The centre point is the fountain. The round fire pit/ amphitheatre is situated on the outer edge in line with the fountain. The large sandpit is shaped as a triangle and located next to the outdoor kitchen. On the path between the trees you will find the wind catchers and gong. Everything is focused to the centre; the circles represents the circle of life.

The sauna fence is shaped like a diamond.

Lessons for the age ‘Aquarius’ at the camping

Explanation of Mura:


In the cycle of the universe, a shift is accuring from the age of Piscean to the age of Aquarius. This is due to the movement of the axis of our earth relative to our sun *.

A cycle of the universe takes about 25,920 years. We have 12 periods spread throughout the 25,920 years. This means that 1 era reaches about 2,160 years by the sun. Just like our month cycle in which you are born in the sign of the sun.

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